Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)

A.I. Internship

AFRL Information Directorate - Rome, NY

~~~ Quick Description ~~~

  • Worked as a machine learning intern at the AFRL Information Directorate in Rome, NY.

  • DoD Issued Security Clearance: Secret Level.

~~~ In-Depth Description ~~~
       For one project, I implemented a Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network in Python which, after training on only 1,000 points of unclassified targeting data, produced over 25 million unique synthetic points of targeting data for the Air Force to use in training scenarios.

        For another project, I constructed a Deep Neural Network with Natural Language Processing in Python to classify unstructured chatroom text data from Air Force Command & Control Operations. I then designed a Chatbot and Warning System which acted according to classifications determined by that DNN.

        I presented “Chatbot for Air Force Missions: Classifying Unstructured Chatroom Text Data” at AFRL 2019 intern research poster session.